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    • WE HAVE A GREAT SELECTION of dancewear and dance shoes for Pointe, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Character, Lyrical, Hip-Hop AT THE STORE in CORAL SPRINGS.  The fastest and easiest way to get the right dance product with the right fit is visiting the store today. 
    • Given the specialized nature of dance shoes, dancewear and dance products in general, we strongly recommend a fitting for the right product. IF YOU CANNOT COME TO THE STORE, we can ship our dance products everywhere, every day, using our UPS daily service.   
    • When visiting Attitude, our dance store in Coral Springs, Florida, we can offer you our first quality services, expert fitting, large stock and spaciously beautiful fitting facilities.  Our well-regarded national reputation as best dancewear providers and dance shoe fitters allows us to have loyal customers within more than 100 miles radius who visit us regularly.
    • Sizing Pointe shoes, in particular, is an art!  We are very good at this art and we stress the need of always getting a professional Pointe shoe fitting for any new purchase of Pointe shoes.  Remember, most Pointe shoes are hand made and no two are exactly the same! 
    • Even when you are re-ordering a well-known shoe, it is important to get a fitting at least every three months, since the dancer's feet and needs are always changing and developing, even when not growing any more.  Your feet are your main asset, don't risk them with the wrong shoe!
    • Are you located out of town?  If you are unable to visit our dance store for a personal fitting and would like to take advantage of our selection, exclusive products and fitting experience, send us an inquiry using the PRODUCT REQUEST form provided below.  


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    Ask about our group discounts and school incentive programs.

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    Attitude Dancewear

    9621 Westview Drive

    Coral Springs, Florida 33076

    Phone: 954-755-5722
    Get your dance shoes and dancewear professionally
    Order dancewear and dance shoes at Attitude!
    fitted. It makes a great difference in your training and performance!